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Corporate, Business And Banking (Click To Expand)

The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. represent the interests of both public and privately owned businesses, as well as non-profit organizations. Whether a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, the firm offers a wide variety of transactional services. For banks, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. provides representation for financing documentation and transactions, including litigation. It also provides negotiation and documentation for private business clients as they relate to financing, refinancing, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, sales, divestitures, commercial contracts, employee relations and numerous other matters.

From small to multi-million dollar transactions, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. offers buyers, sellers, investors, lenders and business owners a wealth of services, including but not limited to,

  • The formation of businesses
  • Corporate governance and finance
  • Seller and buyer due dilligence
  • Reorganizations and restructuring
  • Federal and state administrative representation
  • Preparation and review of commercial documents such as stock purchase and sale agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, letters of intent, corporate contracts, and licensing and distribution agreements.

Whether a small business owner or international corporation, the attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. strive to provide their clients with individualized attention and effective representation in a cost-effective manner.

Employment And Labor (Click To Expand)

Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. works with businesses, municipalities and individuals to avoid employment claims and issues. Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. offers its clients effective solutions that maximize results and minimize costs. Whether it is litigating a case to verdict or avoiding a lawsuit in the first place, our goal is simplify the sometimes, complicated employment and labor law landscape and bring about the desired result. Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. represents clients in employment and labor law issues including:

  • Charges and Complaints before government agencies like EEOC, PHRC, OSHA, United States Department of Labor;
  • Sexual Harassment claims;
  • Harassment investigations
  • Discrimination Complaints in federal and state courts;
  • Age, Disability, Gender, Race, and Religious Discrimination claims;
  • Retaliation claims;
  • Wrongful discharge claims;
  • Privacy claims:
  • Employee discipline and termination;
  • Employee handbooks;
  • Training for employees on harassment;
  • Training for managers on issues including harassment, discipline, handbooks, union avoidance;
  • Collective bargaining;
  • Union avoidance;
  • Unfair labor Practices;
  • Grievance arbitrations;
  • Wage and hour issues;
  • Overtime issues;
  • Medical leave issues;
  • FMLA rights and obligations;
  • Unemployment

Estates (Click To Expand)

The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of estate planning and administrative services. Whether representing an individual, family business owner, fiduciary or charitable foundation, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. endeavors to provide optimal financial benefit by preserving current income and assets and minimizing income and transfer tax consequences.

With extensive experience in the law of decedent’s estates, trusts, probate and taxation, the attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. employ any number of techniques to counsel its clients on the most effective estate planning that will serve the clients’ individualized needs. Indeed, because successful trust and estate planning must focus on the unique requirements of each case, the firm designs and implements individually crafted trust instruments, wills, advance health care directives, durable powers of attorney, and such other documentation as necessary to implement a client’s objectives.

Clients will find themselves counseled on developing, implementing and administering comprehensive lifetime and testamentary estate and tax planning strategies that serve to balance personal and wealth accumulation goals. In addition, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. is sensitive to the needs of those individuals called upon to serve as executors or trustees at those times when they find it difficult to focus upon such duties. Thus, the firm serves to counsel representatives, trustees and other fiduciaries on such matters as post-mortem tax-planning, valuation and allocation of assets, distributions, collection of life insurance proceeds and benefits, and the accounting for receipts and disbursements.

The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. remain committed to staying current and informed of developments, trends and new techniques in the areas of estate planning and administrative services.

Litigation (Click To Expand)

The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. understand the importance of litigation within the modern legal system. Thus, its experienced team of litigators works to resolve disputes in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. In fact, the firm strives to help its clients avoid litigation in the first place by providing preventative legal counseling and risk assessments.

When litigation is unavoidable, Broughal & DeVito’s attorneys strive to customize a strategy tailored to the client’s goals—both long and short term—and work side by side with it throughout the process. The firm prides itself in aggressively advocating for clients in both trial and appellate matters, whether in state and federal courts or in administrative proceedings. Nevertheless, it also recognizes that litigation is costly and that a matter is sometimes best resolved to the benefit of all parties through arbitration or another form of alternative dispute resolution.

  • Commercial Law (Click To Expand)
  • Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.’s strength in litigation stems in large measure from its litigators’ ability to handle a wide range of business and commercial litigation needs. The firm’s attorneys tirelessly work to provide their clients with litigation advice from a dispute’s beginnings through trial and, if necessary, appeal. They are well-versed in complex civil litigation, including breach of contract actions, partnership disputes, actions arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, banking litigation, product liability, lease disputes, construction litigation, real estate litigation, premises liability and wrongful death.

  • Criminal Law (Click To Expand)
  • Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.’s experienced team of litigators understands that liberty is a precious commodity worthy of all the protections our legal system affords. Thus, the firm steadfastly fights for the rights and liberties of its clients. Utilizing thorough investigative techniques, exhaustive legal research and seasoned trial skills, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.s’ attorneys have obtained acquittals and dismissals of charges before Magisterial District Judges and Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. The firm focuses its criminal defense on matters such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), possession of narcotics and/or paraphernalia, college student offenses, driving offenses, criminal harassment and juvenile offenses.

  • Personal Injury Law (Click To Expand)
  • Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.’s experienced team of litigators understand the complexities of Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws and the challenge of demonstrating negligence in such actions. As such, the firm takes great pride in conducting its own thorough investigations into the circumstances underlying a personal injury. It also prides itself in its ability to negotiate and communicate with large corporations and insurance providers. Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. believes that the rights of a personal injury victim and its family are paramount and should be protected. Consequently, the firm has successfully represented such victims in actions arising from tractor-trailer collisions, motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents, social security disability, truck accidents, product liability, pedestrian collisions and wrongful death.

  • Real Estate Law (Click To Expand)
  • Because disputes involving real estate can tie up large amounts of capital indefinitely, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.’s experienced team of litigators recognize the need for aggressive representation, innovative approaches and positive results. The firm prides itself in having represented a broad spectrum of clients, including individual property owners, landlords, commercial tenants, contractors, developers, investors, brokers, property management companies, condominium associations, lenders and title insurance companies. Its experience in real estate litigation has involved diverse issues including, but not limited to, zoning and land use issues, acquisition disputes, disputes with municipalities and government agencies, restrictive covenants and deeds, residential and commercial lease disputes, title claims, insurance disputes, adverse possession and creditors' rights issues.

    Municipal Law (Click To Expand)

    The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. have extensive experience representing both private and public clients in matters involving Pennsylvania’s municipal laws. Gained through years of practice in the area, the firm is well-versed in all facets of municipal law, including land use regulation, environmental law, procurement, construction contract administration and litigation, real estate and taxation. Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. has also represented public clients in both litigation and advisory capacities. Indeed, several of the firm’s attorneys presently serve as solicitors to numerous municipalities and public authorities in Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Importantly, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. is experienced in a particularly vital aspect of municipal practice: land use regulation. The firm’s attorneys have drafted and advised municipal clients with respect to areas as diverse as zoning, subdivision, and fire and building codes. They have also represented private clients at all levels of the land use process, including, but not limited to, the preparation and submission of permit and plan applications to municipal administrators and zoning officers; quasi-judicial proceedings before municipal governing bodies and zoning and planning boards; and litigation before Commonwealth, federal and appellate courts.

    Real Estate, Land Use & Development (Click To Expand)

    From the day Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. first opened its doors, the law of real estate and land use and development has been an integral part of its practice. The firm’s experienced team of real estate and transactional attorneys work closely together to provide outstanding service in the acquisition and sale of property, obtaining and coordinating financing, and numerous other real estate-related matters. Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. also serves to guide its clients through the development process, assisting in obtaining government approvals and in overseeing the development of projects from the time ground is broken until completion. Further, in addition to providing subdivision and zoning practice, the firm provides legal counsel in leasing and licensing matters.

  • Real Estate (Click To Expand)
  • Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P.’s attorneys have the technical knowledge and practical experience to deliver excellent legal services in a cost-effective manner. The firm excels in addressing traditional real estate issues such as title, conveyances, financing, leasing, eminent domain and zoning. It is equally prepared to address modern real estate issues including, but not limited to, environmental, tax, securities, creditor’s rights, corporate, partnership and labor law issues. Thus, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. assume an active role in all aspects of real estate-related transactions, from aiding in the transaction’s structure to negotiating and drafting the operative documents.

    Whether commercial, industrial, residential, public or non-profit clients, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P has successfully represented a variety of interests in real estate matters. These clients have included buyers and sellers of real estate; construction and permanent lenders; building contractors; owners and developers of shopping centers, office buildings, industrial plants and residential developments; municipalities; and local and regional authorities.

  • Zoning & Land Development (Click To Expand)
  • Working closely with local and state government agencies, the attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. will assist in processing and obtaining approvals for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Thus, clients can expect the firm’s assistance at each level of the land use approval process, including, but not limited to,

    • Preparation and submission of zoning and land development applications
    • Personal appearances before local planning and zoning boards
    • Interacting with the Commonwealth’s agencies such as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating documents associated with project approvals
    • Arguing zoning and land use appeals before the Court of Common Pleas and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

  • Homeowner & Condominium Associations & Planned Communities (Click To Expand)
  • The attorneys of Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. provide a variety of legal services to homeowner associations, condominium associations, planned communities and property management companies throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These legal services include, but are not limited to, general legal representation, counseling and litigation assistance.

    In addition to the foregoing, Broughal & DeVito, L.L.P. is experienced in providing entities with services such as document drafting, amendments to and revisions of governing documents, covenant enforcement, and assessment violation and collection. As such, the firm’s experienced team of litigators is fully prepared to provide representation at every level, from administrative forums to the Court of Common Pleas.